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*I've been engaged as producer for the PUMPERNICKLES Duran Duran cover project. Progress is slow; I haven't even heard any of the songs... HENRY FRY is the name of my latest drumming venture. We'll be down at your favourite hangout soon. Five songs in three hours means no unnecessary rehearsals/song writing sessions. And beware - there are two drummers in this band.   (030623)
*CHEMICAL CO-OPERATION'S Roger Iderman has become a father for the second time. Kicki had a daughter, Twiggy, last week and I wish them all the happiness in the world!   (030321)
*Per Johansson of POWERCABLE NEBRASKA has been violated by as yet unknown shitheads. A couple of weeks ago his home was raided, and among the stolen items are two invaluable guitars. One is a mint green Fender Stratocaster, the other is a blonde Fender Telecaster with Bigsby attatched to it. If you hear or see anything about these guitars, please contact him at so that justice may be done. Thanks!   (030315)
*The first day of Spring has at last come upon us cold northerners! I hope you're as happy as I am!   (030313)
*After hearing the positive response on the new ORCHID recordings, there might be a future after all. Karl's off for a while, but after that we might even be able to produce a full album.   Wouldn't that be a t(h)reat?   (030310)
*Karl Andersson and I have recorded three new ORCHID songs in WY Studio. They turned out even better than we hoped for, much thanks to our friends who helped us out; Magnus Ek, Anders Göran and Jonas Eriksson. Whether this will actually be released is another question.   (030308)
*For some reason I have started using two bass drums again for the first time since the MISCREANT days. At the moment it sounds horribly, and I'm sad to say it's not the drums' fault. I'll be updating my "What I Use"- page soon.   (030220)
*Me and Karl Andersson will begin a second ORCHID recording session in WY Studio on March 8. Hopefully we'll be able to get some of our old teammates to join us, creating a cacaphony of sound...   (030220)
*What is left of chemical co-operation have found a singer that might breathe some life into this zombie. Jon is a great guy whose songs could give us the kick in the ass we need; but we're as yet to have a proper 'rehearsal' . Seems to be heading in the right direction so far, though. (030125)
*Requests tell me I have to publish a picture of just me. Well, you asked for it - here it is, right to the left of you! (030124)
*Me and Karl Andersson went to an AXENSTAR gig at Fellini in Uppsla along with my brother Anders and a friend of his last weekend. Rock'N'Rolled they did, and even though he (probably) enjoyed our company, Magnus did seem a bit tired as he told us to SHUT UP when Karl and I got too agitated and too into Swedish national / international politics... I don't blame him. But it always turns out that way. (030118)
*Went down to one of the Taj Mahal Jam Session Nights last Saturday just to get a taste of that live feeling we all love. It turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected; all the musicians that turned up were really nice, trading fours and generally letting their egos go (which isn't customary in these parts...) I became especially smitten by a girl who performed her own songs in a very convincing way. She'll probably end up in your record collection one of these days. And yes - I got the offer to drum in yet another band. Cool. (030111)