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Family Photo Album

On this page I'll describe some members of my family of musicians and friends.
These are just a few - IŽll be back to present the rest of you lot!


EPITAPH, rehearsing, 1990.
L to R: Peter Johansson, Carl Andersson, me, Magnus Ek.
I probably owe my whole drumming 'career' to these three people - if we hadn't been so determined on making it, and if they hadn't told me I was THE BEST DRUMMER(?!) i probably wouldn't have stuck it out. I'm still taken aback when someone tells me how much they appreciate my drumming, and I still feel somewhat a part of Peter's and Magnus's success with Axenstar. Love 'em to death I do.

PO JB 2000

P-O Soderback of PUFFBALL making an appearance at the last chemical co-operation gig (so far), June 2000.


Couldn't we just be the most crazyloony people you've ever met..? Didn't think so. But at least we got a few decent tunes out of our system. Clockwise from top left: Me, David, Roger and Wiking.

For more info on CCO; mp3, pix and more, please click the above picture.


One of the best rock and roll bands of all times, I'm sure.
This is the last pic of CCO as a quartet; David 'left' a few weeks later. When things were good we were REALLY good, when they weren't we were...well...shit. But it was a lot of fun and I've never swung as much as I did with Roger and Wiking.
Such is life.

miscreant_1995; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Left to right: Markus Engstrand, me, Peter Kim, Peter Johansson, Magnus Ek.

Lots of fun. Lots of work. Lots of broken sticks and cracked cymbals. IT'S METAL, MAN!
Johansson & Ek are now rocking hard in the best Metal band in Vasteras; Axenstar. I'm glad I don't. I don't have the stamina.

Anders Simmons

Anders is probably the one who has suffered the most from being my sibling. This is just one example; dressed up like Gene Simmons by me and placed in front of a camera. The good thing that might have come of this is that he's a fabulous guitarist and Ju-Jutsu King. The latter probably just to be able to get back at me.

Erik on drums

I used to think Erik would become a very good drummer; he had the natural flow and feel for it. One of the reasons may have been that he's a leftie (as you can see). Another that he might have understood at a tender age that practicing drumming is a total bore. Anyway, today hes 16 and a REALLY good bass player and almost as tall as me. But thats OK, bassists are weird,too.



Left to right: Magnus Ek, Carl Andersson, me, Peter Johansson.
Doom metal was the way to stardom, or at least we thought so... Pity no one else did. Note the Metal-ish clothes. Who needs fashion advice when you dress this cool..?


This picture was taken when I was The New Kid in chemical co-operation. The best thing about joining CCO after Miscreant was that I could cut my hair short. It's never any fun getting your sticks tangled up in your hair. Or someone else's, for that matter.
L to R: Me, Roger, Jocke, David, Wiking. We even managed to put an album out. See "Discography" for more details.



Tw pics from a CCO gig in Uppsala. It all went well until David decided to tell the audience what he thought of them. Nice words they were not. At least we didn't get beat up. Thank you Uppsala.


MISCREANT, April 1995.
L to R: Peter Kim, Markus Engstrand, Peter Johansson, me, Magnus Ek.

Miscreant & Jocke 1996

In late '95/early '96 Miscreant recorded a demo with longtime friend Joakim Gothberg. It didn't turn out to be a classic, but it was a lot of fun just hanging out, sharing "old times" with him.

Clockwise from top left: Petter Andersson, me, Magnus Ek, Peter Johansson, Jocke Gothberg.