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News Archive

*The drums for Pumpernickels Revisited are down on tape (oh, wrong - hard drive; not accustomed to the digitalization yet) and T, J, & A seem satisfied enough. I might be replaced by Roland in the end, though, you never know. The official web site for this project can be found at http://hem.bredband.net/b111524/index.htm and this is where you'll find the updates on this one from now on.
You will soon be able to get ahold of a LATRIN compilation cd through the official web site. It contains 19 tracks, spanning from 1991 to 1998. Remastered and with comments from band members, this will surely be a treat...
And - on the CCO front; three new songs written and rehearsed. We have a singer lined up to (hopefully) get some words down and off we go. Still, with only four rehearsals under our belts since early 2001, don't expect too much if you happen to pre-hear anything. It's still sloppy oh so sloppy, but getting better...      (021127)
*Roger, Wiking and I got together last night to see if we could have some rockandrollafun. It went...OK. Apart from the fact that we couldn't remember any of the old songs it went better than I expected. We even started writing a new song; whether it will ever see the light of day is another thing. A second rehearsal is scheduled for Tuesday, so I'll keep you posted. (021027) 
*Jonas Eriksson, Anders Göran, Tommy Johansson and I have begun rehearsing for some recordings to commence in early November. We haven't played together since 1994, so there's a lot of re-aquainting to be done.
Roger Iderman's dislocated finger seems to be OK now. If everything falls into place Roger, Wiking Ytterholm and I will have a "let's see what happens"-rehearsal / jam session this Saturday. So if this goes well we might see CHEMICAL CO-OPERATION up and running pretty soon. Does anybody really care? Well, we'll see...
And - AXENSTAR have released their debut album Perpetual Twilight on Arise Records. My former bandmates have produced an excellent Power Metal album; check it out on http://www.axenstar.com for general and ordering info.
That's it for now - See ya! (021022)
*The CCO reunion won´t happen just yet. Roger has dislocated a finger and is moaning as hell. What a wanker...
But - Jonas Eriksson and Anders Göran seem to have something going and wanted me to be a part of it (or was the prat of it?). Sounds interesting, I´ll let you know who´s the prat. (020806)
*Had lunch with Roger and Wiking yesterday, discussing the eventual resurrection of CHEMICAL CO-OPERATION. The result was "let´s have a go - let´s have a jam." We´ll see; a band that good doesn´t just fade away, does it..? I´ll let you know in a week or so. (020726)
*The new LATRIN cd is now finalized and will be available through the http://www.latrin.tk home page soon. Entitled Syfmilisen, it contains six (or is it eight..?) new songs. See Discography section for details! (020706)
*LATRIN will start recording a new one sometime in early July. The original lineup (Hyb, Peppe, Mange, Burman and Jocke) are all to begin recordings at Big Red Studios as soon as the sponsorship deal with Beefeater is finalized..
In the meantime, please visit http://www.latrin.tk , the official fan site.
To get in touch with LATRIN, e-mail fekaliepatrullen@hotmail.com
*POWERCABLE NEBRASKA might be getting closer to a live performance. I wouldn´t be surprised if you´ll be able to see us this summer in the Västerås area. Our prime concern is Wiking; will he make an effort or not? And if not - who will do the WY trademark licks??? Make sure Wiking R&R´s with PCN by sending him an e-mail through powercablenebraska@hotmail.com . We promise he gets it... (020604)
*My MOUTH OF CLAY stint turned out to be a short one, as Hawkan and Jugge decided to call it a day; apparently due to personal problems. I just wish they´d made up their minds before I hauled all my equipment there... (020522)
*I'll be filling in for Olle Frödin in MOUTH OF CLAY until he recovers from a quite severe illness, which hopefully will be pretty soon. We've started rehearsing songs from their latest CD outing "What Have You Got To Lose" and so far so good...  More info on the band can be found on www.mouthofclay.com.(020510)

*Rumours say I´ve found a new band to do some serious work in... Well, what do I know..? I´m bound by a vow of silence for now, but as soon as I'm in the clear you frequent flyers-by will be the first to know. That´s a promise. Audition went OK, so I hope they'll ask me to jump aboard. (020422)

*I got to hear the new AXENSTAR album the other day. What can I say? Excellent work, guys! I for one won´t hesitate to run down to the local Rockarollashoppeee to get it. As should all you who like good old-fashioned HELLOWEEN-style Metal. Big bucks and big celeb parties waiting in the wings for these guys, I promise you. For more info, go to the links page. (020408)
*POWERCABLE NEBRASKA has now joined The World of The Web. Just klick on the link above to find yourself in a whole new area of expertise. Courtesy of Nurse, get your pad Productions. Enjoy! (020301)

*It's been a while since the latest update, and all because nothing important has happened. It's Slow Season. I've been trying to convert old recordings that are currently unavailable into new fascinating CD-remasters, but I have as of yet not found a suitable/functioning/good remastering software. Nevertheless, I have not given up, and when this is all straightened out the first order of business will be to release the LATRIN-collection, the EPITAPH original demo and ORCHID's long-awaited follow-up to 1991's self-entitled release. I'll be back! (020211)

*This site will in the not-so-distant future be joined by Powercable Nebraska. This fantastic non-existing band will provide you with free mp3 downloads and other goodies. Check out this page for further information. (011224)

*Having no band means practicing on your own if you want to keep yourself up to speed, unfortunately. Just to keep myself amused I've reversed my kit somewhat and tried to play leftie style... Interesting... The feet are doing okay, but the hands..! Too stuck in their old ways I think. And Lord knows when I'm supposed to use this. I really need help. (011220)

*On November 25, 2001 it's been ten years since one of the greatest drummers of Hard Rock, ERIC CARR, passed away. He was my main inspiration to take up the drums, and I still look to him for inspiration when it comes to heavy-hitting, double bass, big cymbal Rock. Kind of like a War Machine he was... (011125)

*The old Epitaph gang eating pizza is no pretty sight, but nevertheless this is what went on tonight. Here's Magnus with an inside report:
Italian flags and Spanish hats and greazy pizza. Nice beer and a good laugh, that's all folks. (011115)

*I'm beginning to think the 'Best Drummer' poll answers are a bit biased... Where are all you who have been rooting for Lars Ulrich all these years? I'm flabbergasted. To say the least. (011102)

*We're making progress! Three or four soon-to-be songs (riffs) were conjured up at Rog's place yesterday, and next week we'll try to make 'em happen! In the meantime, don't forget to visit my old metal buddies at www.axenstar.com! (011101)

*Second 'real' rehearsal with the as yet unnamed band went really good! Rog presented a song he and I recorded last spring, and it seemed to fit. Two more songs and it will be out there for all of you to judge... (011009)

*The MISCREANT "396" cd is once again delayed. This because we need the goahead from all parties involved. And Petter seems to have disappeared...(011006)

*Today me, Roger, G and P-O did some real work for the first time, having talked about getting a
band together for some time. One song sort of completed, and I think I know what
it is gonna sound like...

*My dear friend and sometime co-conspirator in music, Peter Johansson has become a father. Sofia had a son last week, and I wish them all the happiness in the world.
Love ya!

*Last weekend saw me, Carl Andersson and Magnus Ek getting together (at last) to record some Heavy Doom tracks. This was done at our own Big Red Studios, using the Roger G. Lover Mobile Unit. The result is really heavy... Three songs in all - Knight Of Oxide, Going Rubber Hunting and Ypsilon. Now all we need is a cover and it will be unleashed upon ye all... We are not sure if it is OK to call it EPITAPH since Peter was not involved, but we will see. (010910)

*Me and Roger from chemical co-operation are about to form a new band with P-O Soderback on guitar and G on vocals. For the moment this is just to keep ourselves busy and have some fun, so we will see how serious it gets. P-O does have his PUFFBALL to care for...(010904)

*Next week we will probably see the release of the Enormity 396 CD by MISCREANT. This was originally recorded in 1996 as two separate demos, but the 396 one was never released due to the poor mix. Now they have been given a touch-up and a new cover and artwork. Yummy!(010903)

*CHEMICAL CO-OPERATION is no more. We have decided to call it quits after six months of non-activity. Thanks to all of you who supported us through the years!(010601)

*ORCHID is recording some new material, which Carl and I hope to release later this year. It is also possible EPITAPH will re-arise, since Carl has written some pretty heavy doom songs.

*Im currently rehearsing with POWER CABLE NEBRASKA for some possible gigs in the near future. Weve also recorded about ten songs, which we hope will gain some attention.

*I have also recorded songs for K-A, but Im not sure what he intends to do with it. Possibly an album release in the future..?